Why You Should Consider A Cruise Holiday

Ever wondered if a cruise holiday could be for you? If you’re anything like me then you may believe cruises are not the type of holiday suitable for someone in their teens or twenties. I was proved wrong..

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Why Cruises Are A Great Holiday Choice For People Of All Ages

Twenty-three years old and about to embark on my first cruise. During the lead up to the holiday I felt two emotions;  excitement and trepidation. Why trepidation? Well, in all honestly.. the sea terrifies me. Images of me spending 8 days with my head in a bucket or tearing my hair out whilst trying to cram a whole city experience into just a few hours shot through my mind. There was no doubt I was also incredibly excited, I mean it was a holiday after all- and a luxury one at that! After a few years of City Breaks in budget accommodation and squeezing the equivalent of your average 20kg allowance into hand luggage cases I guess it was time for me to embrace a different type of holiday..

Cruise Holiday

I know many of my friends and  colleagues were surprised when I told them I would be going on a cruise. I remember one specific comment from a friend

“Have you just aged 40 years over night and retired without me knowing?”

In all honesty, I too assumed cruises were for wealthy older people not young people. Maybe though I could just relax on this holiday and enjoy the slow pace. However, my idea of what to expect couldn’t have been any more different to the experience I ended up having that week. This is why I have done this post, so people can see there is another side to the world of ‘cruise holidays’ (and no, there was no bucket in sight all week)..



You wouldn’t believe the amount of activities on offer; from rock-climbing walls to crazy golf course, basketball courts to a running track and fully equipped gym. Definitely enough to burn off all that buffet food! Fancy something more relaxing? There are several pools, countless whirlpools (jacuzzis to us Brits) and a state of the art spa. It’s amazing the things they can get on to one ship.

The interior was grand and there was such great detail in everything. They had all sorts of bars and restaurants on offer; Sports Bars, Jazz Bars, Wine Bars, Champagne Bars, Cigar Lounge, Ben and Jerry’s cafe and even an English Pub to name a few.

There was a huge buffet for breakfast and lunch (be prepared to eat a lot) and a main dining hall for evening dinner, all of this was included in our stay but we had to pay for our own alcoholic drinks.. at this point I braced myself for the end of week bill. Well, I was on holiday after all and the rule is to try a drink in each bar.. right?!



We ate in the same dining hall every night as it was the one time the whole family made sure we were all together. You are allocated a table for the week and you have the same staff each evening. I can quite easily say it was the best service I had ever had. The food was incredible and the staff were all so friendly and welcoming, by the end of the week it was sad to say goodbye to them. The only problem is I had got my ‘bikini body’ ready for the holiday and by the end of the week I was back to square one!

Each evening after dinner there was always something going on. Whether we sat drinking cocktails watching the sunset over the sea followed by dancing at one of the evening parties, or watching a show at the ship’s theatre, we were never stuck on things to do.

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Travel often!

Sarah xx