What To Wear In Dubai

Dubai was the city that totally took me by surprise. In the lead up to my trip there I had a complete panic about what to expect and more so, what clothing was acceptable to wear.

Of course, from the moment I arrived and saw all of the other tourists I realised the hundreds of pounds I hastily spent was a rather silly idea. There is one thing I would tell any first time visitor to Dubai; Be respectful and you will be fine.

I know there will be many other females feeling exactly the same in the lead up to their first visit to the city, so with that in mind I thought I would show you some examples of outfits that would be perfect for your trip to Dubai!

What to wear in Dubai

Patterned cigarette style pants are perfect for creating a smart yet summery look.

It’s important to remember that different codes will apply dependent on where you are. For example, in the famous malls you will notice signs as soon as you enter asking you to wear respectable clothing; Skirts to the knee and shoulders covered. The look to the right (above) is a perfect example of how to dress in the malls- smart and sophisticated!

What to wear in Dubai

However, if you are in a resort things will be slightly more laid back. It’s important to remember that there will still be guests from other cultures in resorts so I wouldn’t advise walking around in tiny shorts and strappy tops- think Kate Middleton and you can’t go wrong! If you’re lounging by the pool then it is perfectly fine to wear a normal swimming suit/bikini, just make sure you cover up when walking through the hotel (most hotels worldwide will have the same policy).

Like the above look opt for maxi skirts and dresses, the light and airy style of them will also help to keep you cool in the desert heat!

What to wear in Dubai

What to wear in Dubai

When visiting ‘old Dubai’ and the souks it’s best to opt for a bit more coverage. The above look (bottom image) is the ideal amount and doesn’t she just look so prim and polished? The style’s you will wear in Dubai will give you a chance to dress up during the day as fashion in city is extremely glamorous and designer-esque.

What to wear in Dubai

Dubai is known for it’s famous Brunches. Friday afternoon events seem to be the most popular and many people will pay for brunch (around £40 p.p with the entertainment book, 2 for 1 discount) which includes unlimited food and beverages, then go on to evening events in bars and/or the cities clubs.

The two above looks are great examples of what to wear to a Brunch. It’s an opportunity to dress up and feel glamorous- after all you’ll be sat sipping on champagne in the sun, so look the part! As you can see both outfits are still conservative yet feminine, covering the legs down to the knee with shoulders covered also. This isn’t something you have to do at a brunch, but I personally found I felt more comfortable when I dressed similar to the dress-code that is expected throughout the city.

Is there anything else you would like to know about visiting Dubai or have you recently visited the city?

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Travel often!

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All images via our Pinterest Street Style board