Welcome To Miami: 5 Things You Cannot Miss

First things first, Miami will cast a spell on you that you most definitely will not see coming. It’s has, without a doubt, earned it’s title of the ‘Magic City’.

It has an unparalleled and unique beauty and a genuine and raw culture that will leave you wanting to explore further and deeper into its many neighbourhoods.

It may be famous for being a city of glamour (Let’s be honest this is enough to make millions of tourists flock to it’s pristine beaches each year) however, there is so much more to this city than the allure of attractive people and a world-class party scene, so here are our top 5 things to do in this city that should be firmly at the top of your list…

Beach Time


So, let’s start with the most famous and obvious of things that most definitely cannot ‘be missed’ when in Miami; the incredible South Beach. So, techincally this is an area of the city but right now, I’m talking about the beaches themselves; something so many of us dream of experiencing.

There’s not doubt about it, the colourful art-deco huts dotted along the coast are what really makes these white sandy paradises stand out.


Tip: Rent a bike and cycle along the beach strip, stopping every so often to enjoy the views.

Wynwood Walls


Wynwood walls is located in The Wynwood and Design District, which is without question my absolute favourite part of the city. Previously a run-down area of the city, not often visited by the tourists, Wynwood District has received a number of large investments and new developments over the last few years, creating a new buzz which only seems to be getting more popular as the redevelopment continues. Warehouses and boarded shops once abandoned now contain art galleries and fine eateries, it is without a doubt a top highlight of the city and something Miami should be immensely proud of.


The ‘Walls’ is an outdoor exhibition covered with murals and world class ‘Street Art’ and paintings, and is the perfect location for some memorable photo ops.


Art Deco, ‘Historic District’


In 1926 South Beach was completely flattened by the most destructive hurricane in American History. It was then subsequently redesigned and restructured, featuring some exceptional examples of Art Deco Architecture.


This area of the city stretches from 18th St and south along the world-famous ‘Ocean Drive’ and Collins Avenue. This is the postcard Miami you will have seen and must be experienced slowly and on foot to really appreciate all of the little details each building/style has to offer.

Little Havana


Officially named ‘Little Havana’ in the 1960’s after many Cubans migrated to the area, this neighborhood is home to one of the most thriving Latino communities in Miami- and what an amazing neighborhood it is! From the moment we arrived in Little Havana we were made to feel welcome and immersed ourselves in the culture that surrounded us. From the famous Domino Park, to having a cuban sandwich in Versailles or seeing how Cuban cigars are made, it’s the perfect way to learn more about Cuban culture when in Miami.


TIP: Visit Ball and Chain for a Mojito accompanied by live latin music, and watch as people come in from the streets to dance and enjoy the atmosphere!

Coral Gables


Known as the the most opulent neighborhood in Miami, Coral Gables really is the place to be seen and to see some of the most breathtaking architecture the city has to offer- Biltmore Hotel I’m looking at you! Known for its tree-lined boulevards and ivy-covered mansions, it’s here that you’ll get real house-envy and want to pack up, move in and start the tropical life you’ve always dreamed of!


When we moving in?!

Off to Miami soon or looking for more to do? Keep your eyes peeled for a further look into Miami’s famous neighbourhoods!

Travel often,

Sarah x