Vegan Treats – Lemon Cupcakes

The routine of life has finally set back in and the buzz of christmas and new year is only a distant memory. Try this delicious recipe for vegan lemon cupcakes, with a bright citrus flavour they will help to melt away the winter blues and get you excited for spring. 
This is a tried, tested and very tasty method for a basic cupcake. It’s light, airy and full of cakey deliciousness.

This recipe is a great basic that my sister introduced me to, it allows you to add whatever flavour or topping. Simply take out the lemon for a plain mix and add something different instead.

You could make:

Victoria cupcake – plain sponge covered with jam and vegan frosting

Chocolate orange cupcake- orange sponge with a rich vegan chocolate icing

Chocolate chip cupcake –  simply add dark choc chips
You see where I’m going, the list could be endless with this versatile recipe. But this time I am making Lemon cupcakes with home made vegan lemon curd and frosting for extra yum factor.

BLOG ingre cup cakes


BLOG Meth Cup Cakes


Decorate how you like, pipe and swirl lemon curd over the top or simply spread the icing on. I was given these sweet edible paper daises and thought they’d be perfect for these cupcakes but they are definitely not essential.

I hope you enjoy

Stay sweet,