Top 12 Things To Do In Dubai

Out of all the places I have visited the city I get asked about the most is Dubai. It’s well known to my friends and family that I was rather nervous about the trip before I left, but I found that as soon as I arrived in the city I totally fell in love. Yes, it doesn’t have the same charm or history European cities have but it has an incredible buzz that I’ve never experienced else where. It truly is one of those places everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. With that in mind I spent some time putting together the ‘Top 12 attractions’ in the city to experience in hope that everyone will see just what incredible experiences Dubai has to offer…

The Fountains

Known as the number 1 attraction in Dubai, these incredible fountains offer a show like you’ve never seen before!

Dubai Fountains

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Desert Safari

If you’re going to visit the middle east then it’s important to experience a taste of the desert. Take one of many Safari tours on offer and enjoy off-road 4×4 drives, dune buggying and of course- camel riding!


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Many people have the mindset that the middleeast ‘has no culture’ and this couldn’t be further from the truth, have you seen the stunning palaces and beautiful mosques?! Yes, Dubai may be a ‘new city’, but the people that have been located here have their own stories, their own history and you don’t need to go far to discover places that will take your breath away.

Old Dubai

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There’s no doubt about it, Dubai is one of the most glamorous cities in the world. Looking for luxury like nowhere else? You’ll never forget the time you spend here.

Glamourous Dubai

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The Tallest Building in The World

I’m talking about the Burj Khalifa of course. The tallest structure in the world is the one thing not to be missed when in Dubai (although it would be difficult to spend time here without spotting it!). Make your way up the building to get an incredible view of the new-age city skyline.


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The Souks

Let’s reference back up to culture for a second; the Souks are a place you can experience the traditional Arab shopping experience. Looking for something really special? Head to the ‘Gold Souks’, for an experience like no other!

Dubai Souk

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I’m not talking any kind of shopping Mall; I’m talking Malls with the one of the largest Aquarium tanks in the world, Malls with Ski Centers and Penguins, Malls with ice skating and virtual flying experiences- not to mention the greatest shopping experiences you could ever have!

Dubai Aquarium

Friday Brunch

The weekend falls on a Friday and Saturday in Dubai and you cannot visi the city without experiencing ‘Friday brunch’. Many places throughout the city offer them but I would highly recommend the Brunch at Madinat Jumeirah. All you can eat food from around the world, bubbles, Mojitos, live music and sun- it’s total paradise!



Designer city galore, this is the place to be if you’re looking for something special. You can visit the Souks for unique pieces or the malls for a grand experience. From high street brands to the big designer names, it’s every shopaholics dream.



It’s the views on the beaches in Dubai that really make the ‘wow’ factor. You can enjoy the view of the skyline, the famous ‘Sail’ or enjoy a beach day at the incredible Atlantis- a celeb favourite!


Water Parks

Featuring some of the greatest water parks in the world, Dubai caters for the big kid in all of us. Not only do they offer amazing rides but you can also swim with Dolphins, go zip-wiring and even go ‘ray feeding’! Is there anything you can’t do in this city?!


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Miracle Gardens

A wonderful change from the city; the Miracle Gardens are a stunning creation and a must-do for any visitor. Filled with a range of beautiful sculptures, all made of wonderful flowers, this perfect slice of imagination with have you wondering how something so special could be relatively unknown to many tourists.

Miracle Gardens Dubai 9


There is so much more to this city than most people first think! Our recommendations? Fly with Emirates for amazing service with incredible prices and find our go-to hotel in Dubai for luxury on a budget right here.

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Travel often!

Sarah xx