Top 10 Tips For Your First Trip To Orlando | Part 2

Following on from our my first post of the ‘Top 10 Tips For Your First Trip To Orlando‘  here is the second half of the most important things you need to know…


Get a separate wallet/pocket for the tickets

If you’re not lucky enough to get your hands on one of Disney’s new ‘Magic Bands’ then it’s important to invest in a travel wallet or even hidden purse pouch (yep, I’m gonna suggest a bum-bag!) to look after your tickets- you’ll also be getting them out so often that it will eventually become rather annoying if you don’t have them someone safe yet easy to access! You will not only need to use them to get into the parks (and in Orlando you can quite easily squeeze in a few different park entries a day) but you will also need to use them for any fast pass queues etc.

Surely that’s common sense to keep them somewhere safe and easy to access‘ I hear you say? You would be surprised at the amount of times you are stuck behind groups of people frantically searching for tickets/money/ID documents at the bottom of their bags. Believe it or not, we also met a guy at our resort in Orlando who proceeded to go on a rather turbulent Roller Coaster in Universal Studios after keeping his Tickets and Passport in his shorts pocket… he was then shocked at the fact that the whole lot fell out during the ride! Please, please, don’t be that (very lovely but rather silly) guy!


Disney Ticket

It’s all about the footwear

This is probably the most important ‘holiday wardrobe’ investment you will need to make; find the comfiest of footwear because you’re gonna be doing alot-aaaaaaa walkin’! Personally, I would opt for trainers, yes they don’t necessarily go well with that ‘cute summer dress’ but your feet will thank you for it- trust me! Sandals can be a good option as they will also keep your feet cool but if like me you tend to find that sandals actually start to rub once the day warms up then perhaps avoid these and opt for them in the evenings when you’re more likely to be drinking cocktails down at one of the parks nightlife areas (FYI Disney Springs is the perfect place to end a day!).

Avoid packing too much to carry around with you

At first it seems like a sensible idea to pack; a lunch for four people, a large camera, water bottles, sun cream, purses, travel wallets, macs, hats, your kitchen sink and mini-fridge into one backpack (all with the sensible aim to save costs when in the park) and as helpful as that can be, try and avoid taking too much in with you or on one person because I can confirm that carrying that around becomes increasingly infuriating as the day goes on! Orlando gets sweltering in the high season months so the last thing you are going to be want to do is carry around a bag the size of a small child. If you’re in a group then try and share the load in small crossover bags, easy to carry and keep out of the way.


magic kingdom

Invest in a mac!

You might not associate Florida with rain but as the state is located in a tropical area the weather can turn quite quickly (and don’t worry it’s generally back to it’s sunny state not long after!) so it’s wise to take a small mac with you into the parks if the weather is suggesting that there is likely to be a downpour that day. As tempting as it is to play the risky ‘wait and see’ game and buy one in the parks, you’re much better off buying one for less than half the price back home (and actually being able to use it again in public outside the parks- bright yellow Universal macs don’t look quite the same on the high street in Britain!).



Schedule in a rest day- or two!

As tempting as it is to spend every waking minute in the parks, you’ll soon run out of energy if you don’t have a bit of downtime. Enjoy a day by the pool if you have access to one, or book yourself in for a nice massage or beauty treatment if that’s your kinda thing- whatever you do, just take some time to chill out and enjoy the sunshine! We actually booked in a couple of non-theme-park activities, including going to see an Orlando Magic game followed by a few beverages one afternoon/evening and it was such a great way to actually see a bit of Orlando away from the manic Disney/Universal area- and also an experience I highly recommend!


I hope these two-part ‘Top Tips’ have been helpful for you if you are currently planning a trip to Orlando- make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more tips that will be specific to Disney and Universal!

If there is one thing I can promise you it’s that Orlando really is just the most magical of places and all of the time and effort to plan a big trip out there is totally and utterly worth it- I can’t wait to go back again some day!

Sar x