Summer 2015: Top 10 Holiday Hotspots

So guys, it’s official… Summer is finally here!

We know you’re all craving some beach time, sun and of course that all important Summer holiday to recharge your batteries.

Of course there are so many wonderful places we could list off for you all to explore but as with every Summer there are always the ‘Top 10 Holiday Hotspots’.  So to save you hours of research we’ve put together the top 10 places that you should consider for your holiday this Summer…


GIPD Travel Guide: Top 10 Holiday Hotspots For Summer 2015


Malaga, Spain


An historic city with a Modern twist, try not to be put off by Malaga’s initial
impression- this city has a lot to offer.
Take a stroll through the historic city
centre, wind through the narrow side streets and stop by at some of the city’s lively
tapas bars to sip on Sangria until the early hours of the morning. Being a port city
you’re never far from the water; whether you want to go on a relaxing boat trip and
venture out along the coast or head down to one of the easily accessible beaches, you can
still catch a bit of R&R outside the city walls.
With a skyline that boasts an 11th-century castle, Malaga is the perfect example of a Southern Spanish charmer. It is also investing in itself now more than ever, but the best part? You can still grab amazingly cheap deals!

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon 3

Lisbon is the city to be seen at in 2015, and luckily trips to the city are still an
absolute steal. With the charm of  even the most popular of European cities, Lisbon still has
it’s own unique identity and has the added bonus of smaller crowds- for now!
Here you’ll find grand cathedrals, quaint museums and a lively social scene- but the real highlights of
Lisbon? The brightly coloured trams winding through the cobbled streets, the bright
landscape dotted with terracotta rooftops and the echoes of fado (Portugal’s traditional
melancholic singing) as you sit on a terrace sipping wine. This is the gem you’ve all
been waiting for.
Just outside of the city there is plenty more waiting for you; magical Sintra- which is
home to one of the most glorious Palaces on the continent -and you’re never far from
fantastic beaches and traditional fishing villages.

Yosemite, California

Yosemite, California

Because if this Summer you’re looking for a real adventure, this is the place for
Of course you’ll have to travel over to California (I mean hello do we need another
excuse to get over there?!), so if travelling from the UK this trip will be your ‘big
summer blowout’ (sorry just had to get the Frozen pun in there!). This Unesco world
heritage is top of millions of bucket lists- and it’s so easy to see why. America’s
national parks have a lot to offer but Yosemite tops them all. Featuring the jaw-
dropping Yosemite Falls, lakes lined with sequoias and a complete sense of awe, this is
quite possibly the most picturesque place on the planet.



Changes in relations with the US mean big things are coming, and whether or not that
will result in Cuba losing much of it’s vintage charm is yet to be seen- but word on
the street is, now is the time to go. So, if this place is on your list, get planning
that trip.
Havana is the obvious choice for first-timers, stuck in it’s very own
time-warp, you’ll never see anything else quite like this. Vintage cars line the
streets, tobacco leaf fills the air and pastel houses have you dreaming of the 1950’s.

Copenhagen, Denmark


A GIPD favourite, Copenhagen is the place to visit in Scandinavia this Summer. If
you’re looking for something different in Europe hen sipping on a cold
beverage whilst looking over Nyhavn will fill that desire. Home to (quite literally)
some of the top restaurants in the world, real-life fairy tales and some of the most
wonderful architecture you can find- get booking now before everyone else finds out!

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

I know what you’re thinking- Ikea, meatballs, Abba…  but let’s get off that page for
now (but let’s be honest that’s enough alone to get us all on a plane over
Stockholm is home to some of the most modern and edgy designs in the world,
which are beautifully contrasted by it’s old town, Gamla Stan. Just a few minutes
outside of the city lies it’s pride and joy, the archipelago; 24,000+ rocky islands
that make up one of the most wonderful sights in all of Scandinavia. Sit
alongside the water enjoying some quiet drinks in a quaint cafe, taking in the
wonderful buzz this city oozes. Ranked as one of the friendliest cities in Europe,
Stockholm is quite literally a pleasure to be in.



Okay so let’s state the obvious- if you want the party of a lifetime then Ibiza is the
place to be. However, let’s push aside the fact that world-class DJs play here on a
regular basis and that celebs are often spotted poolside sipping cockails, looking
uber-chic.. there is a secret side to the Island just waiting to be discovered by
Get off the beaten path and book a stay in a rural hotel. With views hard to
beat, secluded beaches (I promise they exist!) and a rich heritage to discover, you
won’t believe the ‘real Ibiza’ has been kept a secret for so long.



Also known as the ‘Island of Relaxation’ Menora is the kind of place you’ll get the
R&R you’ve always longed for. In 1993 Unesco declared Menorca a Biosphere Reserve so
there’s plenty of stunning landscape to drink in and the white sand beaches are the exact
ones you daydream of whilst staring out the window each day at work!

Split, Croatia


Set to see a huge surge in tourism (Yes, all thanks to Game of Thrones!) some say
Croatia should be avoided this Summer. We say, yes, Dubrovnik should be avoided until
low season- but Split? Book your tickets now. tThis is a stunning gem you’re going to
want to see whilst the crowds flock to ‘King’s Landing’.
Split shows you traditional Dalmatian life in all it’s glory. Teaming with history yet balanced with a modern
edge, Split offers some of the most atmospheric experiences you can get. Make sure to
take a ferry either out of/into the city to get the incredible view featuring the
breathtaking coastal mountains.

Miami, Florida


A city that’s famous for it’s incredible parties, sun drenched beaches and of course,
stunning people- but we’re ready to discover Miami’s other beauties.
We’re dreaming of it’s art deco buildings, latin culture and colourful streets we long to snap thousands of pictures
in. Imagine sunbathing on the world famous South Beach, soaking up a bit of culture in
little Havana and then watching the blazing orange sunset over the boulevard whilst
sipping on cocktails- Miami is quite literally the definition of the perfect holiday.


So where will you be heading off to this Summer?

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