Five Things That Make Me Happy

After Christmas, those remaining Winter months can be trialling – particularly when it has been as rainy and miserable as these past few weeks have been. One thing that can make those rainy winter weekends a little easier is to focus on the things that make you happy.

Spending time inside watching countless disney films. Investing time on a hobby you’ve been wanting to try for ages. Treating yourself to bright and beautiful things to decorate your home.

I’ve decided to share with you some of the things that have made my winter a bit brighter these past few weeks.

I recently left a job that I’d been at for a year and a half, and my wonderful work colleagues bought me some amazing leaving gifts, including this gorgeous wicker picnic basket. Complete with everything you would need, this basket is perfect, and dreaming about the summer picnics I’m going to have certainly helps me feel more positive during these wet months.

Basket 2

Basket 3

Basket 4

I’ve always been into crafts and making my own cards and pictures is something I love to do on a sunday afternoon. So when I saw these cute stamps in their own little wooden box on eBay, I couldn’t resist. You can find them here and they even come with a free pad of ink.

Stamps 1

Stamps 2

Nothing brightens up your home like a beautiful bunch of colourful blooms. Tulips are some of my favourite flowers, and you can get them super cheap at the moment. I picked these up for £2 at a local supermarket!


And for when your flowers are starting to droop, don’t just throw them away – make them into art and they’ll brighten your home for years. Even the plainest flowers can look amazing dried and framed. I chose simple frames and a plain background, but you could mix them up with colourful backings, and pretty frames. This is fast-becoming one of my favourite things to do!


Now that spring is nearly here, I can’t seem to help myself from buying new plants and flowers to remind me of the months to come. This miniature orange tree is so cute – I first saw one at a friends house, and fell in love with them. They actually grow mini oranges, which I find so cute – and they’re mega cheap – I picked this one up for £5. Be careful to read the care instructions though, especially if, like me, you have a tendency to kill any living plants in your house!

Orange tree

And finally, one things that has made me very happy this months is finally passing my driving test. I’m nearly 25 now, so am pretty much the last of my friends to reach this milestone, but now I have done it, I am so thankful. I’ve never needed to drive before, but now that I can, I am raring to get out there and already planning road trips for this summer in my new car.


What makes you happy in these rainy times?