The Perfect Gift Guide For True Potterheads

Fan of Harry Potter or on the look out for the perfect gift for the Potterhead in your life? We’ve got you covered!

We may not have received our Hogwarts’ acceptance letter yet but until then we can live the life of a wizard through all of these amazing Potterhead must-haves…

Harry Potter Time Turner Necklace

   For us Potterheads require time travel to keep up to date with our busy magical lives..

Harry Potter Gift

Hogwarts Badge Wood Phone Case

Because every Potterhead needs to pledge their allegiance..

Harry Potter Gift

Personalised and Handwritten: Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

Because if any Potterhead received one of these through the post it would make their life.

Harry Potter Gift

J K Rowling, Motivational Quote Poster

If there are going to be wise words hanging on a Potterheads wall, then they obviously need to be from the best..

Harry Potter Gift

Golden Snitch bracelet

Because any boyfriend that buys their Potterhead girlfriend this will be the chosen one forever…

Harry Potter Gift

‘I Solemnly Swear That I am up to No Good’ Mug

Because every Potterhead will jump at the chance to say these words at any given chance..

Harry Potter Gift

Harry Potter Book poster

Because us Potterheads need to surround ourselves with the things we love..


Harry Potter Friendship Bracelet

Queue floods of tears. We all know that moment we found out that Snape was actually the biggest softy ever just totally melted our hearts. Go ahead and share the love with the Potterhead in your life..

Harry Potter Gift

Gryffindor Metal Crest Journal

Any budding writers will find great inspiration in using this themed journal and any Potterheads will just proudly place it on the coffee table for all to see..

Harry Potter Gift

Interactive Marauder’s Map

BEST THING EVER. Because what Potterhead doesn’t dream of owning one?!

Harry Potter Gift

Happy Shopping!


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