The Best Of The UK: A Taste Of Dorset’s Jurassic Coast

There are so many amazing things you can experience and see in the UK but, without a doubt, you’d find it hard to beat the stunning views that are provided courtesy of the Jurassic Coast. The world famous coastline stretches on for 95 miles between east Devon and Dorset, and is one of the most breathtaking sights in the country.

After travelling to some pretty incredible places around the world I can still safely say that sometimes you simply can’t beat a little British summertime adventure- how blessed I feel to have locations like this just a couple of hours away!

With that in mind, on a sunny Sunday morning, we decided to jump in the car and head on over to see a spectacular site that many, many people had highly recommended; Durdle Door in Dorset.

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Further proof that you don’t need to get on a plane and leave the UK to get incredible beaches with postcard views!

We arrived at Durdle Door just before 11am on Sunday morning, and already it was beginning to get incredibly busy. However, don’t let this put you off visiting on a sunny day as despite the fact it’s location is part of a family holiday park, it’s not hard to find a little spot to yourself to enjoy the view.

View Durdle Dor

Durdle Door

The views from the top of the cliff, overlooking the natural limestone arch that makes this location so unique, are a classic example of England’s incredible natural beauty.

The lure of the arch reminded me of my childhood, dreaming of being a ‘Goonie’ and finding hidden caves and coves just waiting for me to discover adventure (things haven’t changed much since!). Looking down at the clear blue water you would be forgiven for mistaking the beach for somewhere in Southern Europe, there really is nothing the UK cannot produce for you.


The coastline itself is characterized by its jagged white cliff sides and impressive geology- it’s not hard to see why it was named England’s first National world heritage site!

We had decided on this visit to just visit Durdle Door for a couple of hours, but if you’re feeling adventurous and up for a bit of a hike then there is plenty more to do; including a two and a half mile walk between Durdle Door and the (just as impressive) Lulworth Cove.


Dorset- we know there’s plenty more to discover!

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