Style Inspiration: My Three Favourite Ladies

The first thing I do when I need some new style/fashion inspiration is hit Pinterest and search ‘Street Style’. I am obsessed with casual and unique styles and generally find that I take more inspiration from ‘the girl next door’ or a fellow blogger rather than reading glossy fashion magazines or following designer trends. However, there are a few ‘celeb’ ladies that I absolutely adore and admire, not just for their approach to life and personalities but also their personal style. I most certainly don’t believe in copying styles or going out and buying an item simply because you’ve seen someone else wear it (it’s a trap!) but I do love to get inspired with how my fellow ladies carry themselves and pull off certain looks and there are three in particular that I am totally in love with right now…


Gigi Hadid

Gigi Style

Fairly new on my radar is Gigi Hadid, queen of the ‘casual-cool’ look. I’m 99% percent sure that in the far right photo she is on her way to/just finished some sort of dance class, and just look at her- she looks more polished than I do when I’m going out for the evening!

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen Style

I am obsessed with Chrissy for so, so many reasons. She has got one of the greatest personalities in the celeb world and is quite possibly one of the most real and down to earth role models that every woman could aspire to be. I absolutely adore her style; from her hair to her outfits, she always looks a-maz-ing. Although my figure is nowhere near as flawless as hers, I do have a similar shape as in my top half is heavier than my bottom, so I also find her the perfect icon for shape inspiration too!

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr Style

Okay so no surprise here, I’ve already talked about my obsession with Miranda’s style and it’s quite well-known in my group of friends that I completely admire her. For me, it’s all about the ladylike and classy vibe that she always exudes. Even when she is dressing down she still looks like she could rock up to an important meeting and blow everyone away- LOVE her.

What lovely ladies inspire you and your style?

Excuse me whilst I get back to pinterest and updating my wardrobe!

Sarah x