Sarah: What’s In My Makeup Bag?

A few months ago my lovely fellow GIPD blogger Leah shared with us the contents of her makeup bag, so I felt it was about time I finally caught up and shared the contents of mine!

There’s no denying it, makeup is huge right now. From the art of contouring (did anyone say Kardashian?!) to the amazing beauty bloggers that are currently taking over the planet, the world of makeup is more popular than ever.

Unfortunately, it’s just not something I’ve ever really had much interest in.

 Don’t get me wrong, I do understand the fascination with it, in fact I even wish I could become more of a makeup addict! But here’s the thing, I would much rather spend my money on travel and, quite frankly, wearing a lot of makeup doesn’t really suit me.

Okay, okay guys, before you all start thinking I’m some horrible make-up snob or I have an issue with people who enjoy experimenting with their looks, I can assure you this is not the case. Being blessed with a rounded baby-face (at 23 I was still being asking for ID to buy Paracetamol- Paracetamol people!) heavy makeup quite simply makes me look like I’m either A) A child in a beauty pageant or B) like a child that has raided her Mother’s makeup box and smeared whatever lipstick on she’s grabbed first. And no, I don’t go bare faced, I still need a helping hand from cosmetics!

Girls In Polka Dots Makeup

Looking at the products I use, anyone would think I was sponsored by Bourjois Paris, but alas unfortunately they haven’t offered me a deal… yet?! ha…

To keep my makeup looking as natural as possible I have always stuck to BB creams or CC creams. On most days I go for the simple; blush, slight bronze in the summer, mascara and lip balm. There is one thing I cannot go out the house without doing though- my eyebrows. We all know the importance of eyebrows ladies!

The items shown above are a mixture of my day-to-day look and products I use when I’m trying to make that little bit more of an effort (aka looking slightly less like a child). I’ve also included my moisturizer as I’m totally addicted to Garnier’s new range, the moisture protect being my current favorite.

So let’s talk products;

My go-to product at the moment is currently Bourjois Paris’ CC cream, after changing from Garnier’s BB cream which I used for several years. With the CC cream I find the coverage is just the right amount. I normally apply the first layer before waiting five minutes and applying a second, this seems to help it last for longer throughout the day.

Also in my Bourjois Paris range is the ‘Ultra Curve‘ mascara, which I totally adore. I don’t know if any of you will know what I mean by this but although my eyelashes are quite long, they are also very straight- similar to horse lashes -without any natural curl (okay, you think I’m mad). However, a quick curl and a couple of coats of this and I’m always super happy with the outcome. I even stopped using my beloved ‘They’re real!’ by benefit because this product does just as good a job for a much cheaper price! I also use a Bourjois Paris blush to add a pop of colour to my cheeks and more than anything, it smells amazing! The Bourjois Paris eye shadow pallet pictured is my go-to when I want to highlight my eyes further, creating a smokey eye with brown tones rather than black for an overall softer look.

As you can see there are also a couple of Rimmel products in there. The ‘Wake me up‘ concealer was a purchase I made after seeing so many beauty bloggers rave on about about great it was- I wasn’t disappointed. The highlighter is a new product to the Rimmel range and one I haven’t really had a chance to use yet, but I felt I needed some shimmer for the summer months!

makeup pick

My Summer staple is most definitely the Bourjois Paris Bronzing Powder– yes, it smells devine! It also offers such a soft bronzed look, perfect for highlighting cheek and collar bones. It also has a subtle shimmer which reflects wonderfully in the summer sun- when it makes an appearance! I’ve also become a regular (FAKE- sunbeds are far too damaging) tanner- something I never thought I would say -so I also have the darker version of the bronzer for when I have a bit more colour.

So, there you have it! My basic but perfect-for-me makeup bag. I hope you enjoyed having a bit of a nosey into what products we enjoy using- perhaps you have some recommendations for other things to try?

Sarah xx