Sarah: My 2016

Okay, so I know I am a teensy bit late for an end of year review but last year was the worst when it came to writing, blogging and keeping on top of this online space- and it was one of the biggest regrets I have now looking back over those 12 months!

Recently, I was looking back through some old posts and realised just how much I miss doing our Monthly Updates. I know both Leah and I really enjoyed doing them and they were such a fun way to not only look back and take positives from each month, but to also be able to look back over time and remember some amazing events, no matter how big or small. I think in general I just really miss that type of blogging; that honest, fly-on-the-wall look into real people’s lives and sharing our passions and interests with others.

With that in mind I looked back at 2016 and couldn’t believe how quickly it passed by- and how much happened that I have not even taken in or really appreciated until now! So that’s why, three months in to 2017, I am finally doing my 2016 highlights… and I know future me will thank me for it!

Some of the greatest nights out dancing away and enjoying cocktails with the girls!

Nights Out

2016 was the most amazing year for late nights, dancing and just enjoying being in our twenties (now I am closer to 30, I have finally realised that they do not last forever!). Starting the year with a big night out in Bristol- which hands down was one of the best nights I have ever had! -as well as seeing Craig Charles live and singing ‘Sexual Healing’ at the top of our lungs with a hundred other people, are just a couple of the highlights.

There is not one single part of me that regrets spending more time and money doing things closer to home in 2016 rather than spending it all getting on a plane to somewhere else-  now I have a million and one amazing moments to look back on with some of my favourite people!

Birthdays, Parties and Meals, Meals, Meals!

Meals and Parties

2016 saw the continuation of many traditions, plenty of catch ups and most importantly- plenty of parties!

There were some big birthdays throughout the year in my family and friendship group, and each were so fun to celebrate! It was amazing to go home and have a big house party for my beautiful Step-Mum’s milestone birthday and another highlight was getting to dress up in 80’s gear for a party later in the year- I think we pulled it off quite well (bottom right corner)!

Days out and Exploring…

Days Out

As many of you already know, my other half is a teacher, this means that in the school holidays (particularly the Summer) we tend to fill up the weekends going on mini-adventures within an hour or two hours drive from us. This year we visited some amazing places; London, Chester, Devon, Dorest, Chester, Bath and a few other places more local to us. I think my new years resolution for 2017 is to also get a few days out booked in with the girls!

However, we did manage to squeeze a couple of girlie weekends away…

Devon and Liverpool with the Girls


Liverpoooool Girls

I think it’s so important to spend some time away with the girls and really enjoy each others companies away from the daily stresses of life! We had two amazing weekends away and also squeezed in an amazing spa day at the gorgeous Charlton House. Both girl’s weekends in 2016 showed me 1) how hilarious all of my favourites are and 2) how bloody lucky I am to have such wonderful friends (awww what a soppy git!).

One night I will also always look at as a highlight from 2016 was when we all went to go and see the ‘Sound of Music’ at the theatre- I’m pretty sure my stomach still hurts from all the laughing I did that night!

Summer Highlights

Liverpool London

My highlights from Summer 2016 were definitely the many amazing weekends up in Liverpool with the fam and going to London for the weekend in July to celebrate my friends 30th… oh, did I also mention we went to go and see Beyonce again?! Yep, sorry but #Iaintsorry (Pun intended). Queen B was amazing as always, London was amazing as always and a weekend away with one of my favourite humans was pretty damn amazing too (even if we did miss our trains home)!

The Trip Of A Lifetime!

Miami Orlando

Okay so I guess I don’t need to say too much about this, particularly because I have a million and one posts in the making right now! But this was so much more to me than just a fancy holiday. I waited 18 years to go back to Florida and I absolutely loved every single second that I was there. Miami is one of the most incredible places I have ever visited and Orlando brought back all the nostalgic feels that I am still even feeling slightly emotional over now- and best of all I got to experience it for the first time with my favourite people in the entire world!

I was asked to be Bridesmaid for one of my best friends!


As you all know, the beautiful Leah is going to be a 2017 bride (eeeeeeeeeeek I AM SO EXCITED!!) and I was absolutely filled with joy when she asked me to be a part of her bridal party! Without getting too soppy- as she will rip the absolute mick out of me, ha -not only is she one of my dearest friends but also the person I got the pleasure of creating this little space with. I couldn’t be happier for her and just know she is going to make a damnnnn fineeeeeeeee bride this year!

2016 saw just the start of the many celebrations we have in store for her (Hey Leah, do you hate me for all these surprises yet?! haha) and I can’t wait to share all of it and see how much she loves it!

Its the most wonderful time of the year…


and of course I can’t finish my yearly review without mentioning my favourite time of year- LOVE ACTUALLY MONTH, sorry I mean Christmas, Christmas.. The festive season of 2016 was a-maz-ing, so many parties, cosy evenings, the annual trips to Bath and London, spending Christmas week with the fam and oh, one other pretty big thing happened…


Yep, probably the biggest thing that happened to me all of 2016 and only now as it finally sunk in! WE GOT ENGAGED!! I cannot wait to start pinning for hours, spending time with both our family and friends to celebrate and best of all- organise the whole thing! Leah and Frankie were the BEST and took me out for a lovely afternoon tea to celebrate and of course, they are two of my beautiful bridesmaids! However, the wedding isn’t planned to take place until 2018 so no more discussion of that until much later in 2017…


…and WOW, that was a most certainly a year of reflection but what an amazing time we all had! Of course, there were also plenty of difficult and long days, some sorrows and heartaches but I’m a great believer in focusing on the positive and appreciating the good things in life! Perhaps in the new monthly installments it may be time to get more honest and highlight the ups and downs, after all- that’s the honest blogging we are all looking for!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (yep, it would be rude not to)

Sarah x