Review: Papergang subscription box

I found out about the Papergang Box – a stationary subscription service run by Ohh Deer – a few months ago, and being the impulsive spendaholic that I am decided that a stationary subscription box was exactly what was missing in my life. Not that it was all totally impulsive – I love all things stationary and get through it at a pretty impressive speed – ‘To do’ list pads, notebooks, cards are things I buy regularly anyways, so why not get sent them in a fun little box?!

Ohh Deer is also a brand that I love, so I knew that (unlike some of the beauty subscription boxes I’ve been sent before) I would love pretty much anything they’d send me. I wasn’t wrong.

I wanted to experience the box fully before I wrote up this post, and having now received three months’ worth or boxes, I figured it’s about time to share my thoughts and a little snippet of the sort of items I’ve received thus far!

My first box – April 2016

Papergang April

Every Papergang package some in one of these boxes with cutwork title detail – love these little touches

Papergang April

April’s box came with two prints (both of which I now have up in the house), a ‘papergang’ iron-on patch, Notepad, wooden ruler and two cards.

Papergang April

Love this little raccoon guy

Papergang April

My second box – May 2016

Papergang April 2016

Box two had a really sweet leafy-print theme, with this notebook and shopping list pad (with magnets, to go on the fridge)

Papergang April 2016

This sweet little pair of birdy scissors was an unexpected surprise – I probably wouldn’t have bought these myself, but think they make such a cute addition to my craft stash

The Gemma Correll Edition – June 2016

My third and most recent box was a Gemma Correll Edition box – and I almost squealed with excitement when they announced this. I love Gemma Correll’s illustrations and was so excited for this one to arrive – and boy did it not disappoint!

As usual, the packaging was lovely, with a sneaky little GC illustration on the front (although I have no photos of this as I was too excited to open it when it arrived!). Inside, the box came with:

  • A Gemma Correll illustrated pug pen
  • A ‘chinchillin’ lined notebook
  • 3 washi tapes
  • ‘Nope’ card (LOVE this)
  • Illustrated wrapping paper

Papergang June 2016 Gemma Correll

Papergang June 2016 Gemma Correll

I’m never one to say no to a washi tape! And these three are super cute – I’ve already been using the pug one like mad

Papergang June 2016 Gemma Correll

I also forgot to mention that each box features a printed animal shape that you can cut out and make – this month’s was the first I’ve actually made though. Check out this cute pug!

Papergang June 2016 Gemma Correll

Chinchillin’ out. My absolute favourite is this ‘Nope’ card though. Half want to give it to someone, but half want to frame it for my office. Decisions!


The quality of everything I’ve received so far has been so good, which is one thing that I’m really chuffed about. It doesn’t feel like you’re getting ripped off – yes the box works out at around £12 per month (including P&P) – but for that money, I always feel like I get a really good deal – and even though it’s sometimes things I wouldn’t necessarily think to buy myself, I really like the surprise. For example, the gold scissors from May’s Box were so pretty and make such an unexpectedly useful addition to my craft stash, but I wouldn’t have ever thought to buy something like that myself.

My only hope is that Ohh Deer continue to send the same sort of quality items that I’ve received so far. Previous experience has shown me that some brands wait until you’re hooked then gradually decrease the quality of items, which, let’s face it, is really disappointing and ends up leaving me with a more negative view of my whole experience. So keep up the good work Ohh Deer and you’ll have a friend for life!

Has anyone else given the Papergang subscription a try? What’ve you thought so far?

Leah x

  • Kate @ Violetdaffodils

    Wow these are all great boxes! I’ve just got my first one for April 2017 and really pleased with the contents 😀 I love seeing what has been included previously, those bird scissors are amazing!