Pinterest Inspiration: Easy Garden Updates on a Budget

Looking to update your garden, but don’t have loads of money to spend? Not to worry – there are so many ideas our there that will help you get your garden looking lovely, on even the smallest of budgets. Here are my favourite easy ways to update your garden on a budget:

Light it up
Easily one of the simplest and (in my opinion) best ways to transform a garden, porch, or balcony is through lighting. Think of how much more beautiful places look over Christmas, when everything is all lit up. And the best things is that it can be on a really small budget, and can have a really big impact on almost any space. Add a quick string of fairylights (make sure they’re outdoor safe), or a few sweet lanterns dotted around and you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it can make.

pinterest garden update on a budget

A lick of paint

Got a tired-looking shed lurking in your garden? Or an old, faded wooden fence? Adding a lick of paint is a really quick way to lift your whole garden, and a great way to add a touch of personality too. I’m loving the idea of a pastel theme in the garden – but you could do brighter shades, or a simple white stain to add a vintage feel. Mix it up with different colours, or even paint a few of your garden accessories to give it a whole new vibe. All you need is a pot of paint a brush. Easy.

pinterest garden update on a budget


If you’re looking for smaller ways to add a touch of personality and life to your garden then I think these are perfect. And these can be done at home too – a bit of wood, some chalk paint, and some waterproof paint, and you’re set. I think the ‘Mojitos in Training‘ sign would suit my garden to a tee!

pinterest garden update on a budget

DIY pallet planters

If you’re stuck for space, then these are such a great idea, and they look pretty good too. I love how they’re not your usual boring ‘planter’ – they’re give gardens such a unique, vintage-y feel. I’m so up for making one of these to store my little herb garden. Most of us know somebody who can get hold of an old pallet – but if you’re not sure, then just speak to a local shop or DIY store – most will have some of these spare and may even be grateful for you to take it off their hands!

pinterest garden update on a budget

Little touches

Finally, just be creative. Gardens are such an easy place to be able to experiment with ideas. Your garden doesn’t need to be perfect – add a touch of paint here or there, stack your pots in an unusual way, string up some glass lanterns or some fun little accessories and just see how you like it. And remember, it doesn’t need to be expensive – Pinterest is always a great place to find easy and cheap DIY ideas.

pinterest garden update on a budget

Good luck with whatever you choose to do in your garden! And let us know if you’ve tried any interesting DIY ideas – we’re always keen to know about more ideas to try!

Leah x