Photo Diary: 24 Hours In London

London is one of my favourite places on the planet and being lucky enough to live less than 2 hours by train from the centre, I tend to jump at any chance I can to get over there!


So, when my cousin announced last year that he would be moving to the city, the first thing I did was warn him about how many visits he was going to have to put up with (sorry cuz)! He had only been living in the city a matter of weeks when I hopped on a train to drag him around as my tour guide for the weekend, luckily turning up on the opening weekend of Hyde Parks ‘Winter Wonderland’, which has been top of my Christmas list for the past few years.

This visit, I simply wanted to play tourist, considering my cousin was still new to the city himself it was nice to just explore and see some of the famous sights. However, hopefully there will be plenty more adventures in London to come this year, but for now, here is a taste of what we got up to during our weekend in the English captial…

Oxford Street

Of course, we ventured down Oxford street to admire the festive lights!


Harrods Toy Kingdom

Natural History Museum

Dreaming of Hogwarts at the Natural History Museum

NHM London

NHM Ice Skating

Foggs Tavern

On Saturday evening we wandered through Covent Garden and stumbled across this amazing Tavern called ‘Mr Foggs’- Of course we enjoyed an ale or two, and a week later I discovered there was a secret cocktail lounge upstairs- Must-do!


South Kensington

On Sunday we lunched and I played imaginary house-hunting in South Kensington- So. Dreamy.

I cannot wait to go back soon (If I’m welcome that is! ha)…

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Sarah x