My May: Sarah

So here we are, another month, can time slow down a bit already?! but…


Now let’s get on with what I managed to get up to… In the first weekend of May some of my family came down to visit as we had a final weekend with my cousin who has joined the Navy down in Dartmouth this month- Good luck Cuz! I absolutely love spending time with them, even though one of my cousins couldn’t make as he is currently based up in Aberdeen, we still all managed to skype him so it was a great start to the month (and queue the mick taking I will now receive from them for being so soppy!)

The following weeks were just as fun; we had birthday parties, the most gorgeous baby boy’s blessing and some great weather for some local days out.




I finally met my friends beautiful baby girl (I’m starting to notice a theme here) and spent some time with some of my favourite ladies. In the last weekend of the month I was a bit of a greedy guts and enjoyed two cream teas in a row with great company. I also finally went on a day out locally in my own village, and it was such a great dayyes that’s right, you can have fun 5 minutes up the road! Stephen and I went on a 6 mile walk up Cheddar gorge and back through the winding roads.. I’ll be sharing the snaps with you all soon!

I realised this month how important the ‘little things’ are.

Simple things such as having enough time to actually sit and read a book now that I’ve finished university and getting my hair done and feeling 10000x better for it. A boring(?) note to add but I’ve also started to really up my exercise game this month and the difference I’m noticing is crazy. I’ve got so much more energy and am feeling stronger already. I’ve also been getting really into healthy cooking and experimenting with food- perhaps I’ll share some recipes in June? However, as much as I’m trying to catch the ‘running bug’ it just doesn’t seem to be happening- but I’m determined to get there eventually!

Oh… and Isabel and I finally booked Lisbon and it has officially been confirmed that I will be ticking off three more places from my bucket list over the Summer/Autumn- SO EXCITED.

I hope you all had a wonderful month! You can follow along with travels and life over on Instagram

What were your highlights?

Sarah xx