My First Mac Lipsticks: Syrup and See Sheer

Late last year, after years of umming and ahhing, I made the decision to jump on the Beauty Blogger bandwagon and treated myself to my very first Mac lipsticks – two of them to be precise.

With so many Beauty Bloggers the proud owners of at least a drawer-full of Mac lipsticks, I was a bit late to get onto this, but the reason is simple… (don’t judge me but) I’ve never been a lipstick fan. Over the years, I’d tried different lipsticks and, with already fairly full lips, I’d always found they made my lips look too big (what a terrible problem to have right?! Ha). It was probably just me feeling self-conscious, but I preferred my lips to look more natural and felt that lipsticks made them stand out too much.

my first mac lipsticks syrup and see sheer

But anyways, after a few years of seeing every blogger I follow raving about Mac lipsticks, and after trying the odd drugstore lippy that I didn’t actually hate, I thought I would give them a go and went on the hunt for recommendations from bloggers with the same sort of skin tone as me. After many hours of research, there were two that stood out to me – ones that so many pale-skinned bloggers had raved about, but that also weren’t too bright, or dark. Essentially, I wanted to ease myself into the idea with a couple of easy-to-wear colours that would work day-to-day, as well as for an evening look.

my first mac lipsticks syrup and see sheer

The two that I went for were these two beauties – See Sheer and Syrup. Both of these colours are in Lustre – I knew from my research that Lustre lipsticks would be more my thing – I didn’t fancy anything too matte or drying, and these would also allow my natural lip colour to come through a little too. Again, easing myself in, like the lipstick wimp that I am!

my first mac lipsticks syrup and see sheer

See Sheer was the braver option of the two (for me at least). With an orangey-red tint, I thought this would be the perfect colour for summer, with a tint of brightness without being too overwhelming. Having seen it on several beauty bloggers, I felt confident it would look okay, and I was right. Although at first I was worried it looked too red, it actually suits my complexion really well and is going to be my go-to shade for summer.

my first mac lipsticks syrup and see sheer

Syrup was one that was a definite as soon as I saw it on another blogger. Again, so many Beauty Bloggers had recommended this for first-timers. It’s such an easy to wear colour – it adds a pinky-lilac tint to your lips without being too much. It looks really glossy on, and I love how much it suits my skin tone (this is me wearing Syrups above). It’s also a great colour for any time of year, so I’ve been wearing this pretty much constantly ever since I bought it.

Both colours also stay on really well – although they are not as matte and staying as other types of Mac lipstick, I find I only have to retouch one or two times per day.

Are you a Mac lippy fan? What are your go-to shades? 

Leah x

  • woodenwindowsills

    I have the same problem! I’ve always felt my lips are big enough without lipstick, they become a bit ott with it on! Still haven’t ventured to MAC for any either as I don’t know how often I’d actually wear them! Alice xx

    • girlsinpolkadots

      It’s annoying isn’t it! I have to admit though, I’m becoming a fan – not sure I’ll ever be a bright red-lip girl though! x

  • Sophie Blumenthal

    OOh that see sheer shade is lovely :)

    Sophie x

  • MissDaintyDaisy

    Those Mac shades are amazing!
    TattooedDaisy –