My August: Sarah


Here we are again! August always feels like such a quick month as my OH enjoys 6 long weeks off for his Summer holidays- perks of being a teacher hey! As I couldn’t get away this month my wanderlust was fed through his explorations of the Dordogne valley in France- far too dreamy for me (hello jealousy)!

I really struggled to remember everything I had done this month because it went by in such a quick blur so it’s a good job I take plenty of snaps to remind me. At the start of the month Leah and I spent some time with a friend, catching up and taking some photos for the blog on the seafront, followed by a girl’s night in with our beloved Netflix- ha! We also went to visit one of our besties for another girl’s night (I’m noticing a pattern here), with a takeaway and cute little doggies!

I also went to see the BFF again this month and finally got to sample one of her delicious vegan donut creations- like heaven! -it was so nice to catch up and start getting excited for our trip to Lisbon we have coming up this month.

I also got the chance to spend a bit of time getting to know some lovely new people and catching up with some old friends over a few (several, whoops) glasses of wine.

Finally I spent the bank holiday weekend up in Liverpool, enjoying some quality time with family for a couple of days just relaxing, drinking and eating- it’s my happy place!

I’ve also been doing plenty of writing, prepping and planning for the blog- which is officially over a year old now, crazy!! -I feel it’s time I really focus on blogging and get more organized with everything, but perhaps that will be easier said than done… especially considering how busy September is going to be!

What have you guys been up to? See you next month!

Sarah xx