My August: Leah

my august leah

So this post is pretty late – given that we are now about halfway through September! In fact, I nearly thought about just doing a combined August/September update, but where’s the fun in that?! Plus, August was a busy month, with a lot of stuff going on, so it deserves it’s own (albeit very late) post really.

Anyways, so August has been a helluva month! It started off with a couple of crazy weeks work-wise as I handed in my notice at my old job, and then started my new one, with pretty much no time inbetween. Topped off with planning for my new business venture (a sneak peek in the 1st row, right hand photo!), sorting blog posts and spending quality time with friends – not to mention planning for my OH’s 30th birthday and organising our trip to Rome… it’s safe to say the start of the month flew by without a second to spare!

Towards the end of the month was my lovely man’s 30th birthday (scary stuff!) and so we had some amazing times celebrating with friends and family and eating some yummy food – safe to say the diet went out the window that week! We also took a little trip down to see Banksy’s Dismaland, which just so happens to be literally a 2min walk down the road from us. It was so good – I really love Banksy’s work, and as a Disney-obsessive, it was really interesting to see his dystopian take on it. I’ll be putting a post up with some of my photos later this week if any of you are interested, so stay tuned!

Finally, over the bank-holiday weekend, we took a little trip to Rome! I’ve been super excited to go since we started planning it last year, and we had a really incredible time! I wont give away too many details just yet though – keep an eye out over the next few weeks when I’ll be sharing all the details and photos with you!

All in all, August was a pretty great month! What did you guys get up to last month?

Leah x