How to know when you’ve found your ‘Soulfriends’

How to know when you’ve found your ‘Soulfriends’

We always hear of there being a ‘Soulmate’ for each and every one of us and whether you believe it or not it’s still a comforting thing to be told, especially when we need it most. We believe a Soulmate doesn’t just have to be a partner or be in the form of an intimate relationship but that our friends can also be cast in that role, aka we also have our ‘Soul Friends’.

How do you know when you’ve met your Soulfriends? Well like the cliche saying goes ‘you just know‘ but if you need a helping hand…


Girls In Polka Dots

¬†They’re always there to offer a helping hand. Need an outfit for that big night out? They’ll let you raid their wardrobe. Need someone to sit in with you whilst you cry into a bottle of wine? They’ll be waiting with the corkscrew (and probably their own glass!). Most importantly they’ll be there to help you through the bad times as well as support and be excited for you throughout the good.

Girls In Polka Dots

They’re like your sisters and you’re constantly being called ‘two peas in a pod’ or actually being asked if you’re sisters, not due to physical appearance but purely down to your connection when you’re together. You just know you’re going to grow old with them and you look forward to each others big life events.

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You can speak to them about anything; and I mean anything. Nothing is off limits and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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If there’s an awkward situation you’ve got yourself in they’ll be there to help, no questions asked. Judgement? What judgement? It never happened right..

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You’ll never feel/be alone as long as they are around. Want to dance like your Nan at a 90’s wedding? They’ll be up there with you. Want to run away from the crowd? They’ll be by your side then too and vice versa.

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You can go by weeks, maybe even months without seeing each other but you don’t need to fear because you know you’ll see them again soon (you can’t go too long without seeing each other after all!)- and when you do, it will be like you saw them yesterday.

No matter what mood you’re in when you first see them, five minutes later you’ll be laughing until your stomach hurts. There is no one else that makes you laugh quite like these girls do and if you’re out in public you get used to the odd stares!

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You’ve shared life changing events with these girls and have a deeper understanding of each other because of it. This is the kind of friendship that can spring from no where but then last a lifetime. You can find yourself asking- ‘how did I get through without them?’.

Is there anything you’d share about your friends? Or maybe it’s made you appreciate the wonderful friendships you have?

Yay for Sisterhood!

Sarah xx