GIPD Style: Sharing Our Favourite Looks

Travel is my passion, and as most of my content on here is based around that passion I thought it was about time I mixed it up a bit and shared some of my favourite outfits- after all, I love fashion just as much as the next girl!


“It’s all about the accessories!”

This Mango dress is an absolute favourite of mine, cinched in at the waist with a V-neck cut, it’s the ultimate figure flattering dress- perfect to take you from day to night! My Asos watch lives on my wrist these days, it’s the accessory I go to for pulling any outfit together, and my primark layered necklace is perfect to fill in the gaps!

outfit of the month

I always strive for that lady-like polished vibe for events

Kate Middleton and Miranda Kerr are my go-to inspiration for any event, both so sophisticated and ladylike- they are the dream! I bought this H & M dress when I was in Dubai earlier in the year and I’ve worn it at every available opportunity ever since. My Mango coat was a splurge purchase last Christmas and I always get complimented on it whenever I take it out! My strappy ankle sandals were from BHS (believe it or not!), I couldn’t believe it when I found them, they’re the perfect height and are comfortable enough to wear all day.

outfit 3

Jeans and Heels are my favourite ‘work to bar’ look!

I bought this cute polka dot shirt from New Look and paired it with my beloved ripped Top Shop jeans. I wanted to keep the look monochrome so styled it with my black heeled sandals and white H & M shoulder bag. I wore this outfit out for drinks in Bristol, which is known as being quite a casual city so it’s nice to find an ‘in the middle’ look!

outfit of the day

I dress for my figure not for what’s in fashion

As I’ve gone through my early twenties I’ve learned to shop for clothes that suit and flatter my shape rather than just buying some for the sake of what’s ‘in’. I’m quite heavy on top so tend to avoid high necks and float-y items which just make me look larger than I am. Instead I opt for classic cuts such as this tulip shaped dress; perfect for weddings, nights out and family occasions. I would much rather spend a bit more on a dress that I know I’d happily wear again and again, this particular one is from a much loved brand of mine ‘Closest London’ and I spent approx. £50.

dubai outfit

I plan ahead when shopping for new items

As you all know by now, I try to travel as much as I can, so when I’m out shopping for new clothes I tend to think of upcoming trips and whether or not my choices will be suitable (because if not that money can be spent on several more Mojitos on the beach!). This beach kraftan for example was one of my favorite items for my trip to Spain, Dubai and Lisbon and was an absolute steal on ASOS. The tie waist makes it super flattering and the length is perfect for still looking ‘beachy’ but also keeping covered up. I know I’ll be using it during my trip to America which is now only a few months away- eeeek!

What are you style rules and favourite outfits?

Sarah xx

  • woodenwindowsills

    Such a gorgeous collection of dresses – i especially love the tulip shaped one, really flatters you and is a lovely design! Alice xx