GIPD In Liverpool: Central Perk Cafe

Central Perk Liverpool

Recently us girls at GIPD plus some other lovely gals spent a girlie weekend away in Liverpool. We had such an amazing time and realised how important it is to have time away with your BFFs every so often. It’s also a city we will be exploring much more over the next 12 months so if you’re local to the area/looking for some inspiration then keep your eyes peeled!

There was one place we all had top of our list to visit in the city and that was the Central Perk Cafe in Hatton Garden. We’re all massive fans of ‘Friends’ and were so excited at the prospect of sitting in a Cafe completely dedicated to the show that we all adore. Unfortunately despite the fact they did have a large orange sofa- which would have made the perfect photo opportunity -everyone else at the cafe seemed to have the same idea so we were unable to get the perfect snap.

Central Perk Liverpool 7

Central Perk Liverpool 6

However, the Cafe on the whole lived up to expectations!

The decor, lighting, everything down to the mugs used all had an essence of the show we all know and love. The staff were all friendly and most of us agreed that we could have quite easily sat there for a few hours, just enjoying the surroundings. We all ordered hot drinks, sat back and enjoyed the atmosphere, and some of us also enjoyed pancakes- which I would highly recommend, as they were soooo yummy!

Central Perk Liverpool 8


The best part?

There are two large TV screens in the main room that continually play episodes of friends.. if this isn’t heaven for a fan of the show, we don’t know what is! You can’t help but sit and reminisce about your favourite episodes whilst doing your best impressions of each hilarious character- Ross being a GIPD favourite! Unagi anyone?


Central Perk Liverpool 4

Overall we all loved our visit to Central Perk and will definitely visit again when next in Liverpool. You can find out more about the location of the Cafe/what is on offer here and more about about GIPD in Liverpool here.

Have you been before or a big fan of Friends? Let us know your thoughts!


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