Our Favourite Blogs – pt 1


I recently took a look at my first ever blog post, published just under six years ago (scary!). And I’ve been reading blogs for even longer than that. Obsessed with magazines when I was younger, the birth of the blog meant that, for the first time, I could read things that were actually written by people like me! No editors or advertisers, just normal people writing about the things that matter to them- which was, and is still, one of the things I love about blogs.

Of course, the blogging world is quite different now. But having a good old read of some lovely blogs is still one of my favourite things to do. And so, I thought I would share with you all some of my favourite blogs. They are all pretty different, but that’s really one of the things I love about blogs – they can be so completely unique. Here’s my first favourite – enjoy!


Today I am going to share with you the first of my favourite blogs, laurenconrad.com.

It is probably the blog I visit the most – check it out and you’ll see why. The site is owned/managed by Laguna Beach and The Hills star, and fashion designer, Lauren Conrad, and features posts written by Lauren’s team of bloggers (and Lauren herself of course!). This means there is a constant flow of lovely, interesting posts, and always something that will catch my eye.


Five Reasons I love laurenconrad.com:


1. The range of topics covered means that I know, no matter what mood I am feeling in, or what kind of ideas I am looking for, there will be something on the website that will inspire me. From recipes and workouts, to craft ideas, book lists, and fashion tips – all updated regularly by a team of  people who really care about what they’re writing about.

2. The imagery on the website is gorgeous and always instagram-able. I find myself retweeting and creating Pinterest albums based purely on articles from Laurenconrad.com. Shallow maybe? But who honestly doesn’t love an aesthetically pleasing picture?

3. Do-it-yourself. Laurenconrad.com is always full of ideas of things that you can do yourself, at home, for little money. Something that comes in very handy when, like me, you’re not living on a huge budget. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your work displayed proudly around the house, or in your wardrobe, or inviting your friends round to dine on a delicious meal you’ve put together on a shoestring.

4. The newsletter. I love checking my emails and seeing a newsletter from Laurenconrad.com, complete with a breakdown of all the lovely new posts on the site that I’ll no doubt spend the next few hours poring over.

5. Inspiration. The website is full of inspiring ideas, and well-written pieces, but what I really love is the way Laurenconrad.com is a blog, written by women, FOR women – not only to chat about the latest trends, but to discuss important topics, and help to inspire success and happiness, whether that be career, love-life, fitness or just happiness in ones self.


What blogs do you love? Do you have a favourite site that check religiously?

Leah xo