Exploring Somerset: A Day In Wells, The Smallest City In England

You really could call this the most Charming city in England.

Despite only having a population of approximately 11,000, Wells has had a ‘city’ status since medieval times; and all thanks to it’s incredibly impressive Cathedral…

Wells Cathedral

Wells City

Wells Cathedral has, without a doubt, got to be one of the finest in the UK. After wandering through the streets of such a calm and quaint high street, which then leads you to the cities historical market square, it suddenly towers over you so impressively that you would be forgiven for mistaking it for a landmark of a large European city.

It’s history is pretty impressive too- work began on the Cathedral in the late 12th century!

Wells Pub

Wandering through the narrows streets and enjoying the many countryside-esque pubs and eateries is time best spent in this little gem.

Pizza lover like me? Then you must visit ‘Da Luciano Pizzeria‘, which is in my opinion the best pizza in Somerset!

Some parts of the city are just too pretty to handle and you’ll see for yourself as you wander past the prestigious schools and impressive buildings.

Once you’ve taken in the city center and grand Cathedral, take a stroll through the surrounding gardens of the Bishops Palace. Here you’ll find an impressive medieval palace, surrounded by a charming moat, which is still home to the Bishops of Wells and Bath. If you take a wander through the gates and venture into the palace grounds then make sure to stop for a cuppa tea and a slice of cake at the onsite cafe… how very British!

Bishops Palace

Next it’s time to head on over to what is said to be the oldest residential street in Europe; Vicars’ Close. This is the perfect location for a photo op in the city, where the streets are cobbled and the small and historical terraced houses are so pleasing to the eye it’s hard to not imagine yourself living the dream as a resident…

Wells Houses

Bishops Court

Impressively, the close actually tapers-in to make it look longer when viewed from the bottom and shorter when viewed back down from the top!

Wells Somerset

It’s safe to say that when in Somerset an afternoon exploring Wells should definitely be on your to-do list!

Locals like us? Then you’ve no excuse to not get exploring- look what’s on your doorstep!

Travel often and explore your surroundings,

Sarah x