DIY: Upcycling shutters with Hillary’s and Joe Blogs

So a couple of weekends ago, we were invited by Joe Blogs to attend a lovely crafting workshop hosted by Hillary’s. We obviously jumped at the chance – the opportunity to meet some lovely local bloggers and get our hands dirty with a spot of crafting? Right up our street. We turned up to the venue At Bristol and after a bit of a nibble of some seriously yummy food and drinks, we headed in to the workshop to find out what was in store for us.

The task at hand? Turning old, shutters into something unique for around the home. Our lovely demonstrator, Becky Clarke was on hand to show us how to turn these plain Hillary’s shutters into a gorgeous multi-purpose storage solution, with the help of some mason jars, a lick of Annie Sloane paint (our favourite!) and odd bits of rope and piping here and there.

Looking at the plain shutters we first saw, you’d have never thought of using them this way – but it is such a good idea and we couldn’t wait to get started on our own!

Girls In Polka Dots joe bloggers crafternoon

Interior designer Becky Clarke demonstrates the process

Girls In Polka Dots joe bloggers crafternoon

We all started with the same tools – out shutter, some mason jars, piping accessory thing (don’t know the technical term!) and some rope.

Girls In Polka Dots joe bloggers crafternoon

Here we are, getting pretty serious with our tools as we prep our shutters!

Girls In Polka Dots joe bloggers crafternoon

When it came to the Annie Sloane paint, we both picked the same beautiful pale grey colour – the fact that it was named ‘Paris Grey’ didn’t help this decision at all………..

Girls In Polka Dots joe bloggers crafternoon

Once the paint was dry (it didn’t take long at all), we got the attachments on ready for our jars. This was super easy to do – the piping attachments just screwed right into the shutters… no scary power tools or magic crafty skills necessary.

Girls In Polka Dots joe bloggers crafternoon

Becky Clarke helped those of us who wanted out shutters to be hanging, by drilling holes, which we could then thread rope through.

Girls In Polka Dots joe bloggers crafternoon

Some bloggers tried out some pretty unique ideas – we loved Clair from All About Clair’s idea of painting the inside of her jars.

Girls In Polka Dots joe bloggers crafternoon

Once we’d added our jars, the shutters started to take shape! Here’s Leah using a hairdryer to dry off any last remaining wet-ish patches! On the right, our shutters, looking impressive, but ready for some little extras to be added at home!

The final product? Here they are! We’re both pretty proud of what we made – each design is pretty different, but if you scroll down, you’ll see the thoughts behind our final shutter designs…

Girls In Polka Dots joe bloggers crafternoon

Sarah’s DIY travel shutter storage

Girls In Polka Dots

As we all know by now- my life revolves around travel! So, with that in mind, there was no doubt that my shutter had to be themed around my passion. I had decided to use the Kilner jars as ‘money pots’ to get my funds up for future adventures. A few days after the event I popped into Paperchase to purchase some binder clips, I wanted to use them on the shutter to clip on postcards and maps etc to bring some colour to the board. I also added a couple of photo strips, taken during previous travels in Paris and Berlin to remind me of the fun times I’ll be saving for and to add a personal touch. In our goodie bags- courtesy of Hillary’s -we were given ‘blackboard stickers’ and a chalk paint marker, so I used these treats to label the jars, marking them as saving pots for my upcoming trip to the USA and my next trip to Dubai!

Leah’s DIY crafting shutter storage

leahs crafternoon shutter storage

I wanted to have mine as a storage solution for my craft room at home – I have so much stationary, and random bits and bobs that I use when I’m crafting, so for me, this seemed like the perfect solution. With the grey background, I wanted to jazz it up a little, so I added a few items that I had around the house, including the letter L, and floral pattern which I glued straight onto the wood. I then screwed in some little hanging hooks at the bottom which will be useful for hanging washi tape and some of my embroidery things from, and attached some little notepads that I had lying around! The overall effect is quite simple – and very me! I can’t wait to start using it!

Thanks again to Hillary’s for putting on such a fun workshop – and to Joe Blogs for inviting us! We had a really fun time and love our DIY shutter storage solutions!

Sarah & Leah

  • Wild Bear

    AH, there’s me! I love how you’ve added to them since you got them home – so cute!


    • girlsinpolkadots

      Thanks lovely! Was so nice to meet you! xx

  • woodenwindowsills

    Really lovely additions – the money pots were a great idea! 😀 Alice xx