Discovering Fairytales In Portugal

In the beautiful town of Sintra lies the fairytale world of your dreams. The most colourful palace in Europe and a Castle to rival Winterfell (Game of Thrones fans, be prepared for excitement)…

Pena Palace

Pena Palace

Pena Palace Sintra

Sintra Palace

Pena Palace, also know as The Palacio Nacional da Pena and translates as ‘The Feather Palace’ in English, is one of the most stunning palaces in all of Europe.

Each section of the castle has been delicately mastered from fine stone carvings and decorated in a variety of bright colours, so wonderful it’s hard to believe this place truly exists, it’s enough to rival the most vivid of imaginations.

Pena Palace View

The palace is surrounded by over 400 acres of forests leading to hidden lakes, storybook buildings and awe inspiring views…

Sintra Pal

Sintra View

It is said that the palace was built due to King Ferdinand II’s desire to build a castle to rival the stunning creation that is Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria (a GIPD favourite!). The castle was also designed around the idea that it should reflect the ‘opera’, and the dramatic and colorful finish would suggest that it would created just as the King had desired.

Price: Entrance to the Palace and Park is approximately £11.00

Entrance to the Terraces and Park only (the ticket we opted for which provides great photo ops) is around £7.00

Castle of the Moors

Sintra Castle

Castle Sintra

This castle offers something a little different compared to the pastel colours and opulent palaces that surrounds it- but don’t be fooled, it’s every bit as charming as it’s neighbours. Wandering up the narrow stone steps I couldn’t help but let my Game of Thrones fantasy take over, comparing it to Winterfell or the wall of the North (even the summer sun beating down didn’t stop me from my ‘winter is coming’ outbursts).

walk Sintra

Now seen as the ‘romantic ruins’ this castle not only offers another fairytale adventure- you need to walk through a forest fit for a storybook to enter the gates -it also provides incredible panoramic views that stretch right out to the Atlantic ocean. Did I mention the views of Pena Palace? Talk about perfect photo op…

Sintra Pena Palace

Price:The entrance fee to the Castelo dos Mouros is approximately £6.

You can also purchase a combined ticket to see the three main sights of Sintra featuring both of the above and the National Palace which is approximately £18.

Travel often!

Sarah xx