Festive wrapping ideas

While some people really don’t enjoy festive wrapping, for me it is one of the things I like most about Christmas. I find it so relaxing spending hours creating beautifully wrapped gifts for my friends and family. I love finding new, and interesting ways to wrap presents and make them look really special. Pinterest is always pretty much my first port of call when it comes to anything crafty, so I thought I would share some of my favourite wrapping ideas that I’ve stumbled across.

christmas gift wrapping

Links: Candy WrappingFestive DoilySimple Sketch WrappingBauble on a string.

I love using simple paper and decorating it in interesting ways. I love the simple use of cut out baubles to add interest, and the doilies create a really pretty, Christmassy feel. The sketch idea I love, but I’m not sure if my own effort would be anywhere near this good – maybe something to try! The plain white paper in the top left box creates a really simple backdrop for bright ribbons, and I think adding candy to the wrapping is an amazing idea for my nieces and nephews – and some of my friends for that matter!
christmas gift wrapping

Links: Toilet Roll Jewellery BoxLace Ribbon WrapSnowflake Centrepiece.

I’ve always been a big fan of recycling household items and this idea, using toilet rolls is such a good alternative to buying jewellery packages which can often be fairly expensive. Definitely one I’ll be keeping in mind for any future present-giving! The other two here are both really simple ideas, using plain paper, combined with interesting ribbon detailing. The lace looks so classic and beautiful, while the snowflake is a really simple way to make your presents look super Christmassy. You can usually buy these snowflakes in multipacks in the Pound shop, or places like Wilkinsons. A cheap way to add lovely features to wrapping.

photo album pictures

Link: Photo feature wrapping

Finally, this one is such a nice, yet simple idea. And perfect for adding some personal touches to your wrapping. You could add black and white postcards like these, or print off photos to add onto your presents. I love this idea so much – it’ll definitely be one I’ll use this year.

Anyone else love wrapping as much as me? I’d love to hear any other wrapping ideas you have!

Leah x