Beauty Review: Soap & Glory Makeup

As a bit of a beauty addict, I’m always on the lookout for new brands and products to try out. Sure, I have my everyday favourites, but I love trying out new types of products and finding new favourites.

Soap and Glory is one of those brands that I’ve known about for years, but though I’ve tried out (and loved) a good number of their skincare and body/bath products, I’ve not ever really tried much of their makeup. I had a lipstick/gloss combo a few years ago from them that I bought but never really took to (it was quite a sticky, smudgy formula that I just didn’t like), and then I never tried any more Soap and Glory makeup products after that, mainly because there are just so many brands out there that I knew I did like, so why try a different one?

Anyways, back to the point, over the past few months, I’ve seen a lot of bloggers rave about some of Soap and Glory’s makeup products, so thought I’d give them another try! As usual, Boots’ 3 for 2 deal swept me in (anyone else a sucker for this deal?) and so I ended up with these three lovelies…

beauty review soap and glory makeup products

beauty review soap and glory makeup products

First up… the Brow Archery 2-in-1 Brow Filling Pencil & Brush:

soap and glory brow archery

I’ve been watching so many monthly beauty favourites videos on YouTube of late, and this product is one that loads of people have been going on about. It’s designed to be a really fine, filling brush for your eyebrows, combined with a brow brush. I’m not greatly into 2-in-1 products as I generally find that I only use one of the products and the other feels like a bit of a waste. And it’s the same here really, as I prefer to use a different brow brush. BUT, in my opinion, the brow pencil is so good that it completely makes up for it. I’ve been using the Estee Lauder Automatic Brow Duo for such a long time, but as it has a larger pencil, you can’t really get the definition in brow strokes. That’s where the Soap and Glory Brow Archery fits in perfectly – the pencil is so fine that you can really get in there and define properly, without worrying about your brows looking a bit fake. I highly recommend. 

Next, the Supercat Black Eyeliner Pen:

soap and glory supercat liner

This one, again, was something that I’d heard a few beauty bloggers raving about. Now, in all honesty, I have used the same Collection liquid eyeliner for YEARS and I love it (the fact it’s £2.99 does help, I admit). But, for when I want a much finer, delicate cat eye look, the Collection liner can be tricky. This Supercat Eyeliner Pen is perfect for this – the felt tip end makes it much harder to mess up (messed up liquid liner is hell) and you can adjust your pressure to change how thick your line is. It’s great for a simple liner look and so easy to use that I think my Collection liner might have some competition…

Finally, the Glow All Out Luminising Face Powder:

beauty review soap and glory makeup products

This was the product I was most excited about. After seeing a review of this product on EssieButton’s YouTube channel, I just thought it sounded ideal for a glowy, summery look. Mostly, I tend to keep my overall makeup look quite matte, but I’ve fancied trying a bit more of a lighter, more radiant look over the summer months and Glow All Out is absolutely ideal for this. It helps keep my skin looking radiant and glowy, but without too much shininess or shimmer. The pinky tone gives a really lovely look to your skin that’s completely different to some illuminisers which tend to be more yellowy. It also looks so pretty when you open the packaging, with that embossed print – though this fades pretty quickly when you start using it. Definitely a new summer staple for me.

What do you guys think of Soap and Glory makeup? Do you have any favourite products that I ought to try?

Leah x