A Little Primark Home Haul

I’ve been spending a bit of time over the past few weeks adding little updates to various rooms around the house. Nothing too serious, just rearranging some shelving and storage, swapping things around and updating with some new little homely touches to give our home a fresher feel. I feel like I do this every few months – I get a bit bored of things staying the same, so swapping things around and buying smaller bits to add in gives rooms a different feel without costing too much or taking too much time.

One place I love to go for smaller bits is Primark – their homewares section is full of so many cute, not-too-pricey bits and bobs. And the Primark closest to me, in Bristol, is by far the best Primark I’ve been to (outside of London of course)… they have a really good homewares section that I always spend forever wandering round. I popped in there looking to buy a mug that I’d seen online, and while I did pick that up, I also grabbed a whole load of other stuff too. I just could not resist. So here’s what I bought!

fashion and home haul primark new look

Okay, so just look at the picture below and tell me that Primark homewares aren’t amazingly cute and Pinterest-worthy! Now you can see why I couldn’t resist.

fashion and home haul primark new look

fashion and home haul primark new look

‘Wake-up and smell the coffee’ canvas, £3; Candles in ‘Sweet Vanilla & Coconut’ & ‘White tea & Peony’, £2 each; Small metallic candles holder, £1.50.

I saw this canvas and know it would look perfect in our Kitchen – I love the really simple typography style and for £3 I couldn’t really say no! I love these cube glass candles – they look so simple and much more expensive than the £2 I bought them for – add to that, they smell soooooooooo good! Honestly, I could’ve bought the whole set – although I’m sure Lee would’ve had a fit if I came home with that many candles. This little metallic candle holder was also an easy purchase. It’s really classic looking and fits in with the theme of our living room perfectly.

fashion and home haul primark new look

fashion and home haul primark new look

Canvas print, small metallic candle holder and cube candles (as previously seen); Ceramic ‘Jar of things’, £5; Lilac cushion, £5. 

I absolutely fell in love with this ‘Jar of things’ when I saw it. I thought it looked really cute and almost a bit scandinavian… I love the really simple fonts and pattern across the bottom, and the wooden lid. I;ve currently got this in my craft room and it looks perfect. I bought this little lilac cushion (even though we have about 6 thousand cushions in our house) to go into our bedroom, which we redecorated earlier this year. It adds a small pop of colour to the room and is really quite chic and expensive-looking.

fashion and home haul primark new look

‘I woke up like this’ & ‘Good morning sunshine’ mugs, £1.50 each

Finally, what I actually went into Primark looking to buy! I’d seen the ‘I woke up like this’ mug on loads of bloggers’ Instagrams, and, as a big Bey fan, I knew I had to have it. I also saw the ‘Good morning sunshine’ mug in the same style and thought they’d make a cute little pair. These have become mine and Lee’s morning coffee mugs. At £1.50, I don’t expect these to last a really long time, but they look pretty cool.

What do you guys think? Anyone else love a good bit of Primark homewares?

Leah x

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    I have a different version of the “good morning sunshine” mug and I love it!! :) Alice xx