A Beautiful Mess: Messy Box Review July & August

If you’ve seen some of my previous crafts posts, then you’ll know that I love finding new crafts to try out – yes I am an old lady in the body of a twenty-something. My latest favourite – scrapbooking! When I saw Lily Pebbles raving about her Project Life scrapbook last year, I completely fell in love with the idea. I’ve previously tried out scrapbooking as a mini-project a few years ago, but the Project Life folders and page protectors opened up a whole new world of scrapbooking to me (yes I am that sad)! Since then, I’ve spent so much of my spare time working on my scrapbook, but had started to get a bit bored with some of my kit. So in addition to going a bit crazy buying SO MANY scrapbooking accessories and cute little bits and bobs (there will be a haul post coming up shortly), I saw a few people recommending the Messy Box from A Beautiful Mess.

What is the Messy Box?

The Messy Box is a monthly scrapbooking kit, full of themed cards, papers, and little scrapbooking bits and bobs. ABM also have a Happy Mail – another monthly box, which also has papers and cards, but is more focused on quotes and prints, with less of the scrapbooking accessories than the Messy Box.

I’ve had a couple of boxes now, so thought I’d share the contents that I received. I’ve been pretty impressed so far, and can’t wait to see what this month’s box has inside!


a beautiful mess messy box july august review

Okay, so firstly, I have to say… the box is posted from the US, which means that when you get your email saying your next Messy Box is on its way, you’ve still got about 7-10 days to wait before you receive it. Not great if you’re impatient like me! When it does arrive, the package comes in a big, sturdy box, with all of the content inside a brown paper bag inside. It looks so pretty, with most of the contents in individual bags inside, all labelled beautifully.

a beautiful mess messy box july august review


The box is $19.99 per month for a 12 month subscription, and then a little more if you don’t want to sign up for that long. As an international customer, I then pay an extra $3 for postage, which I don’t think is too bad at all. Overall, for everything that you get, I think the price is quite reasonable. Some people might think it’s a bit pricey considering you don’t know what you’ll be getting, but personally, I love the surprise and have really liked what I’ve got so far. Each month is themed well for the month/time of year too, which I really like.

Now onto the actual contents…

July Messy Box

The theme for July’s Messy Box was really summery, with lots of pinks/blues and gold foil across a lot of the papers. I’ve used up quite a few of these already, as they fit in perfectly with some of my scrapbooking pages.

a beautiful mess messy box july august review

a beautiful mess messy box july august review

a beautiful mess messy box july august review

Contents-wise, here was what was included in the July Box:

– A whole bunch (technical term) of cute pink/blue cards inc. 3 A4 papers and loads of mini cards – perfect for scrapbook pocket inserts

– Gold foil card lettering

– Silver foil card star shapes

– Oversize gold paperclips

– Chipboard ‘Sparkle’ wording

– A4 velum paper with gold foil stripe detail

I love so much of what was in this box, and even though I’ve used quite a few already, I love having the rest in my craft ‘stash’, as they’re the sorts of things that I can use year-round, for so many different themes and pages.

August Messy Box

The August Messy Box had more pinks, blues and golds, but this time with a real swirly, tie-dye style theme across most of the cards and papers. I have to admit, I didn’t love the style quite as much as the last box, but I think they’ll be great for some summery scrapbook pages I’ve got planned. This box also had loads more of the mini cards than the last box, and I loved the little cards with gorgeous gold foil detailing and quotes.

a beautiful mess messy box july august review

a beautiful mess messy box july august review

This box also came with some cute little acrylic dots and puffy lip stickers (though I’m not sure quite where I’ll actually use these!), as well as a little date stamper, which will be perfect for adding time stamps to scrapbooking pages. I love me a stamp.

a beautiful mess messy box july august review

All in all, the July box was definitely more my style, but I’ve really liked them both and can’t wait to see what comes in this month’s box.

Have any of you subscribed to Messy Box or Happy Mail? I’d love to know what you think!

Leah x