5 Ways Fitness Has Changed My Life

We’ve all heard it: exercise is good for you. We see ‘fitspo’ posts all over Instagram, read about in blogs, hear about it on youtube, Joe Wicks shouts it from the rooftops on your Facebook feed. Yeah guys, we get it.

Flashback to 12 months ago and you’d find me curled up on my sofa after a long day at work, most likely binge watching netflix and consuming half my body weight in Ben and Jerry’s and wine. A long walk was the most exercise you would get out of me and the very rare time I ventured out to try and get a half an hour run out of myself was pure and utter torture.

But then, I discovered new ways to exercise that I actually (rather shockingly) really, really enjoyed. I never imagined I would become someone who actively enjoyed keeping fit and once I got into a routine there were ways in which regular exercise completely and utterly changed my life…

It clears my mind

                 I know, we already know that it’s a proven fact that exercise helps to eliminate stress and prevent things such as anxiety and depression, but until you actually begin to make time in your life to keep active you just never realise how amazing it really is for your mental well-being. A workout always helps to clear my head whilst I focus on the moment rather than any daily stresses and I actually find myself craving exercise when my body needs to unwind.


It’s helped me kick bad habits

For example; Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a massive drinker but I most definitely enjoy (and would very often reach for) a glass or two of wine at the weekend and sometimes this would stretch to a night or two in the week. When I first started a regular routine of exercise, I continued to enjoy myself at weekends and take a laid-back approach to what I was eating and drinking, always resulting in the first session on Monday feeling like complete torture once again. It would be like taking two steps backwards and it really slowed my progress down. Now- although still determined to enjoy myself every once in a while -instead of a glass of wine to relieve myself after a stressful day, I’ll pop the kettle on and have a herbal tea- something I’m sure my body is very grateful for!

 It’s made me realise just how amazing my body can be

…and by that I don’t mean ‘My bod is HOT‘. I mean how just absolutely amazing the human body can be. In a matter of months I went from getting out of breath from running up the stairs to doing 45 minute intense spin workouts and HIIT training. It just goes to show that if you treat your body with the respect it deserves then it makes life much easier for you.


It’s made me more motivated

The fact that I now know that I can tackle something really challenging if I really commit to and persevere at it means that I have developed a much more motivated outlook in every aspect of my life in general. I also don’t look at any one else for competition, because I am too busy trying to better myself and reach new goals.

   It has made me an all round happier person

My cousin used to love bringing out the classic ‘you’re one workout away from a good mood!‘ and now, I could never argue with it. Exercising regularly has most definitely made me a happier person whilst also helping me to control stress and energy levels in ways I never thought I could!

I’m most definitely no expert on fitness but I do know that if I can become someone that regularly exercises and actually really bloody enjoys it, then there’s hope for us all!

Sarah x

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    SO so true, I just get so frustrated and angry without exercising! It really does make you feel so much better, physically and mentally! Alice xx