5 Tips On Taking Better Photographs- With Minimum Effort!

There is nothing I have come to love more than grabbing my camera, venturing out to explore and taking plenty of snaps. Of course, I would never claim to be a professional (far from it!) but for those of you that are just starting out and want some simple yet effective tips on how to improve your photography then here are 5 tips I believe are extremely important yet easy to master…

Keep it natural

And by this I mean, keep the lighting as natural as possible. Particularly with portraits and up-close photographs of objects. However, when shooting outside, try to avoid the mid-day sun as this generally proves ‘too harsh’ for snapping, as a rule try to stick with natures wonder that is the ‘golden hour’. For this you will need to be shooting either within an hour of sunrise of within the two hours leading up to sunset.

Photography tips

autumn snap

Clean your lens

Sounds simple right? You would be surprised how many people don’t even think to check for marks or dust on their camera lenses, and this can make for blurry and unfocused shots. Even if you are shooting using a smartphone, it’s still important to give your lens a wipe every now and then- after all it probably spends most of it’s time in your handbag/pocket where it can pick up a lot of dust!


Take several

If shooting with iPhone, take advantage of the ‘burst’ option when taking your shots. You can take up to 30 within seconds and grab plenty of different snaps to play with, each capturing a slightly different mood. If you rush and only take one or two then you leave yourself with little to work with and the moment/opportunity may not rise again.


Play with angles

Have fun with your photographs, trying out different angles and viewpoints. This is particularly something to have in mind when shooting landmarks or travel photography, as millions of other people will have already taken the shot from the same-old tourist angle. Take your viewers into the snap and make people look and think ‘I want to be there!’

autumn snap

travel photography tips

Edit with caution

I believe that editing can really make your photos stand out, however I also believe it should be subtle and you should always edit with caution. The mistake many people make when they first start taking photographs is ‘overdoing’ it (I have most definitely been guilty of this!). Less is more and all most photographs need is a hint of brightness and some slight contrasting to make it ‘pop’! If your shooting a particularly colorful scene then add a hint more saturation to really bring the snap to life. Take it easy with filters as quite often a heavy filter can really take away the structure and depth of a photograph.

travel view

travel image

These are just five simple tips to get you started, we’ll be sharing much more over the next few weeks including; Tips on Travel Photography, Taking photographs with an iPhone and Instagram tips!

What top tip would you share for beginner photographers?


  • http://www.queenbeady.com QueenBeady

    I’ve been reading so many photography tips today. I love reading how I can get better. You’re right, I never really check my lens, I’ll be wiping it a lot more now!
    Bee | QueenBeady.com