5 Tips For Your First Trip To Lisbon

There’s no doubt about it, Lisbon is the place to be seen in Europe this year; and once you’ve visited it’s not hard to see why! As we’ve recently visited the city and surrounding areas, we’ve discovered some must-know tips for a first time visitor…

1. Lisbon is a casual city and flats/trainers will be your best friend

Avoid heels and loose sandals- Lisbon is the city of cobble stones and hills! We’ve got the perfect wardrobe staple for you right here


2. Be aware

Lisbon is a friendly city with welcoming people and a thriving social scene, but as with most tourist crowded cities, be aware for pick-pockets and thieves on the cities most popular tourist routes & areas


3. Learn basic phrases

 You’ll find that compared to most other major European cities many locals in Lisbon speak very little English (which is totally refreshing as it gives you a chance to learn!), so brush up on basic Portuguese and local phrases


4. Avoid tourist tours

 Lisbon is best explored authentically; take public trains and trams and avoid coach trips and those rather persistent Tuk-tuk drivers!


5. Take advantage of nearby day trips

 Lisbon is an incredible city in it’s own right but don’t miss the chance to visit the incredible places on it’s doorstep- we’re talking the likes of Sintra and Cascais!



…and of course- ENJOY this wonderful city!