5 Sights You Need To See In Europe

Let’s be honest, you’re spoilt for choice when in Europe so this is just a tiny part of a continent that has so much to offer. However, here are 5 sights in Europe you need to make sure are firmly on your to-do list..

1. Neuschwanstein Castle

Set in Fairytale-esque surroundings this Bavarian beauty is something everyone should see once in their life. It lies on a hill above the southwest Bavarian village of Hohenschwangau. It is said to the inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle (I’m sure you can see the similarities!).

Neuschwanstein Castle Bavaria

Neuschwanstein Castle Bavaria

2. The Rock AKA Gibraltar

You would be forgiven if you mistook the streets of Gibraltar for that of a charming town in the UK. However, the beautiful weather is definitely worlds apart from the constant rain you would find back in Blighty. Take a tour with a local and really learn about this Historic place, including the current issues they still face.

Be prepared to meet a few new friends!

The Rock Gibraltar

Mokey in Gibraltar

3. Salzburg Fortress

Okay, so this tourist attraction may not be the best in the world but the views. The views alone are worth it. Salzburg is such a beautiful city and you cannot miss this perfect opportunity to see it in all it’s glory. Plus with the incredible popularity of fantasy shows such as Game Of Thrones, any castle/fortress/medieval related trip is hot stuff right now. Your Kingdom awaits you..

Salzburg Fortress

Salzburg View from Fortress

 4. Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen.

Come and see the original ‘Happiest Place On Earth’. That’s right, this place played some part in inspiring the man himself- Walt Disney -to create the most popular theme parks in the world. It may not have the Disney Nostalgia but boy does it have the charm, excitement and magic to rival any other park.

Tivoli Gardens Girls In Polka Dots

Tivoli Gardens

5. Edinburgh’s Old Town

Walk through the cobbled streets, have a drink in the ‘Smallest Pub in Scotland’ or at the place the most famous books in the world were written- J K Rowling we salute you! Venture up the castle and take in the breathtaking views- but whatever you do, do not miss this place out!

Edinburgh View

Edinburgh Castle

Keep your eyes peeled for detailed posts on all of these sights!

Where would you recommend?

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