5 Books Every Travel Blogger Should Read

If there is one thing we’re always on the look out for here at GIPD it’s our next good read. Leah is always my go to for book inspiration and you can find all of her recommendations so far right here.

Being an aspiring Travel writer I’ve really tried to up my book game recently, especially now I’m on a break from University it’s the perfect time to get some serious reading done! Recently I’ve decided to focus my reading choices on Travel and blogging, making the most of the time I have to (hopefully) improve my skills not only as a writer but as a photographer too.

With that in mind I wanted to share my top 5 books that I would encourage every aspiring travel blogger to read, from Travel memoirs to the fictional pieces every wanderlust sufferer swears by, here are five books you need to add to your reading list right now…


bill bryson book

Ladies and Gentleman, Mr Bill Bryson aka the greatest travel writer of all time. My absolute hero.

These two books are probably my top two of all time, my copy of ‘neither here nor there’ looking a tad battered now (sign of a great read though, am I right!). Bill doesn’t add rose tinted glasses to the travelling experience, but he is still the one writer that has made me want to explore places I never dreamed of going before. His laugh-out-loud hilarious writing style and incredible amount of knowledge should make him every travel bloggers go-to guide. The ‘Complete notes’ collection with also make any Brit want to hop on a train cross-country or jump on a plane to road trip in America. Bill, I salute you!

eat prey love book

Of course, the one and only- ‘Eat, prey, love’. I actually watched the film before I read the book and contrary to popular opinion, really enjoyed both. It’s such an inspiring book and each time I read it (also getting rather battered) I want to venture off to Italy and eat my weight in pizza- Thank you Elizabeth Gilbert for adding that to my bucket list!

travel writing book

The perfect gift from a wonderful friend, this book has helped steer me in the right direction towards my goals.  Filled with priceless tips, suggestions for travel posts and personal accounts from the experts. This needs to take pride place on any travel bloggers bookshelf!


There are so many great guides online to improving your social media/photography skills but I decided one day when browsing through Waterstones that it would be handy to have a hard copy of tips and tricks- and I’m so glad I decided to purchase this particular guide by Jennifer Young! Not only does it provide many tips I’m yet to see else where but she also keeps it nice and simple. There is nothing worse then buying a guide that over complicates things and as a result ends up becoming a complete waste. If you’re looking for a handy guide to help develop your skills, with tips and ideas that you will actually make use of, then go out and get yourself a copy of this!

the paris wife book

Most people I know are aware of my fascination with ‘Hemingway’, and although this book was not written by the man himself, it is the perfect read for any fan. The book follows his first marriage to Hadley Richardson and the ups and downs they experience during his rise as an exciting new writer. The author ‘Paula Mclain’ takes us from the US to France, narrating all about their lives as a young couple in Jazz-age Paris. A must for any Paris lovers out there with a desire to know more about this exciting time period of the city, you’ll be dreaming of sipping champagne in a quaint Parisian cafe, mingling with artists and people with a great story to tell. The fact I bought this book in the famous ‘Shakespeare and Company’ bookshop in Paris makes it that extra bit special to me!


I cannot wait to get reading some more exciting books to inspire my wanderlust!

What books would you recommend? I’ll be adding 5 more recommendations over the next few weeks!

Sarah xx