12 Reminders For 2015

Here are some important reminders for this year for all of our amazing readers…

Do not compare yourself to others

You are you, you will never be someone else. Love yourself and appreciate all of your good qualities, there is nothing better than feeling confident and happy within yourself.

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Do not be defined by your relationship status

Single? Enjoy being with yourself and learning who you are as an individual. In a relationship? Invest time into that special someone but…

Do make time for yourself

You work hard, play hard and sometimes your social calendar can be full months. It’s all well and good keeping busy but make sure to spend a little time with me, myself and I.

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Do not base life on Marriage and Children

Contrary to popular belief life does not ‘begin’ when you get married or even when you have children. Both of course, can be incredible life-changing experiences but there is more to life than having a ring on your finger. Travel, make new friends and experience the part of life you’re in now because you’ll only be there once.

Do make time for Family and Friends

Found yourself saying “where on earth did that year go?” at the end of 2014? Time goes so fast so make sure you spend lots of quality time with your BFFs and Family this year.

Do not get dragged down by material things

Think about it; would you rather have the flashiest car, jewellery and designer clothes or would you rather have a fulfilling social life, be an explorer or the world and have priceless memories with the people you care about most? We know which we would choose.

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Do venture outside of your comfort zone

You know the saying ‘life begins at the end of your comfort zone’? Repeat this to yourself this year. If you feel a bit stuck in a rut try something new, you never know what it might lead to.

Do not drag yourself down for making mistakes

Repeat after us; I am not perfect, nobody is. You will make mistakes and you will learn from them.

Do pat yourself on the back

…and when you get it right, make sure you reward yourself. It’s not arrogant and it’s not silly, it’s just something we all need to learn to do more often.

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Do not give up on the things you really want

Want that dream job? Do whatever you can you can to make that dream a reality. We can’t always get what we want but it’s simple, if we never try, we never know.

Do support others as much as possible

There are people that will need your support throughout the year and being there for someone and helping them through may be one of the best things you do in 2015.

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…and do not expect any less from the people that surround you

From us to you; You deserve the best.. and don’t you forget it!


Girls In Polka Dots xx