10 Reasons To Visit Copenhagen

As if we need to persuade you to visit this incredible city, but for the fun of it we’ve listed the top 10 reasons you need to book that trip to Copenhagen.. now!

Copenhagen reasons to go

Tivoli Gardens

As our readers already know this is an absolute favourite of mine. Tivoli is the original ‘happiest place on earth’- even Walt Disney visited the park whilst Disneyland California was still trapped in his imagination!



The Danish are known for their wonderful architecture and Copenhagen is the perfect city to showcase this. Enjoy the wonderful mix of a modern city with a touch of traditional Scandinavian design.



One of the most wonderful sights to behold in all of Europe, Nyhavn is a must-do when in the city of Copenhagen. Not only are the colourful houses a feast for the eyes, there is also plenty of history to take in. Tip: Take one of the canal boat tours from the harbour to experience the city from the water.

Girls In Polka Dots

Hans Christian Anderson and the ‘Little Mermaid’

Known world-wide for his famous Fairytales, here in Copenhagen you can find out all about this famous storyteller. From the places Christian Anderson lived to the stories behind the books, every book-worm will enjoy this side to the city.


The friendly people

I once read somewhere that the Danish had a tendency to be rather rude and abrupt, and often kept themselves to themselves. However, pleased with the fact I tend to judge things myself, as soon as we arrived in the city we found everyone we encountered to be pleasant and helpful! Not to mention approachable and sociable- sounds like some people may need to spend a few days here!


To take a dip in the canal

There is something about swimming in the city with the skyline for a view! In the summer locals take to the water and enjoy a swim along the city’s water-ways.


Royal Culture

Think you can’t beat the UK for Royal culture? Think again! The history of Denmark’s royal family is full of all kinds of interesting stories- not to mention the palaces and royal residences!


For the greatest food in Europe

Quite literally. Noma, one of the best restaurants in the world, is located in Copenhagen. Voted the best restaurant in the world several years running, if you’re looking for a splurge, this place is the place to spend your kroners at.



Famously known as ‘Freetown Christiania’, this self-proclaimed neighbourhood in the borough of Christianshavn isn’t for everyone- but it’s somewhere you should definitely experience.


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…for the cutest currency in Europe!

Because come on, the coins have hearts on them. Hearts, people.


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So, what are you waiting for?! Travelling from the UK? EasyJet offer incredible deals to the city!

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